My Favorite Covers, By The Numbers: #378

Okay, I went old school with my first two picks, reaching back into the first few comics I owned. But I can’t farm my personal nostalgia forever. How about one I’ve never read until just a few months ago?

By the time Uncanny X-Men #378 by Adam Kubert & Tim Townsend hit the stands, I was done with my days of collecting Marvel’s Merry Mutants. But seeing this collection of X-Men as the original roster really got my attention. What could possibly happen so that Storm and Gambit would end up as founding members? Why aren’t Cyclops or Angel in there? And what’s up with Beast and “Ice”man?

Unfortunately, I recently learned that we never got this backstory. The portrayed scenario was just some weak illusion with whatever random characters were hanging around from the previous issue. Still, I look at this image and try to come up with a conceivable way that this could be the original X-Men. When you’re still contemplating what could possibly create the circumstances behind the cover issue, even after you’ve read the story, that is impressive.

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#59: Marvel Team-Up by Dave Cockrum & Mike Esposito
#516: Detective Comics by Ross Andru & Dick Giordano

My Favorite Covers, By The Numbers: #516

Going with another favorite from my childhood. I know, going back to that well and we’re only two choices in. Also it’s kind of cheap since less than 20 titles even reached their 516th issue. Still, pretty bitchin’ choice, I think: 

Well done, Ross Andru & Dick Giordano. Can’t remember what my exposure to Batman was at this point in my life. Probably just Super Friends. I’m fairly certain I hadn’t seen the Adam West TV show yet and we’re still a few years away from Frank Miller turning him into the Dark Knight. But I’m pretty sure wherever I saw him before, he wasn’t showing off super ninja skills like he is here. Batman is in the wall! Also, I was fascinated by the fact that the guy is calling him “The Batman.” Adding that little article makes a big difference. “Batman” is just another superhero like Superman, Spider-Man, and thousands of others. Let’s be honest, compared to those who can fly or stick to walls, a guy with pointy ears and a utility belt ain’t that much. But “The” Batman? He’s an urban boogeyman come to life that will scare the piss out of hardened criminals. That’s the lesson I learned from Detective Comics #516.

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#59: Marvel Team-Up by Dave Cockrum & Mike Esposito

My Favorite Covers, By The Numbers: #59

Okay, so I’m starting a new thing. Where to start? Hard to argue with the beginning. Well, at least for me:

By the way, my copy doesn’t look nearly as good as this image. That’s because it’s the first comic I remember reading. So it should be no surprise that this begins my collection of favorite covers. All the drama of Marvel Team-Up by John Byrne just blew my four-year old brain. And while he did not pencil the cover, the story is nicely summarized here by Dave Cockrum & Mike Esposito.

Speaking of this classic, check out Dave Wachter’s recreation. Nicely done, sir. Well, that’s my first choice. Any other comics I should have considered for #59 on my list?

My Favorite Comics, By The Numbers

Comic Book Covers

There’s a concept I’ve always wanted to try but and tried out on another site but it never really took off so maybe I’ll try it here. I want to create a list of my favorite comic book covers of all time. Not a novel concept, but I wanted to do it by the numbers. Literally. I’ve seen it done in sports but don’t think I’ve seen it applied to my favorite hobby.

I’ve seen collections like Marvel’s Top 70 Covers and the most iconic covers and stuff like that but I’ll be looking at them from a more personal perspective. These are the images that resonate the most with me. I’ll also try not to get too much into the actual story and just judge the book by it’s cover. Hopefully I’ll be able to put together an ultimate run of my favorite covers of all time. Of course, when I post my choice, you are more than welcome to suggest your favorite or even one you think I might have forgot. Get your counting hats ready because I’ll probably start next week!